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About Us

Knit-On Australia is dedicated to bringing you the finest knitwear that Australia has to offer. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, luxury, and comfort, ensuring that every piece we create embodies the essence of Australian craftsmanship and style.

Our Values:

- 100% Australian Owned: We are proudly Australian-owned, supporting local communities and businesses.
- 100% Australian Designed: Our designs reflect the unique spirit and natural beauty of Australia, blending tradition with contemporary style.
- 100% Australian Fibres: We source only the finest Australian fibres, including pure Australian wool, Merino wool, and cashmere, ensuring unparalleled softness and comfort.

At Knit-On Australia, we believe in the natural, luxurious softness of our products. Our knitwear is crafted with the utmost care and precision, providing you with pieces that not only look beautiful but feel incredible to wear.

Experience the best of Australian knitwear with Knit-On Australia. Natural luxury, crafted for your comfort.